Who We Are:

Esmond’s Shoes is a full service shoe store dedicated to serving customers with fashion and fit for the entire family. No size or width is left behind! Esmond’s first opened in 1947, and the Sieb family has owned and operated the store since 1950. We are blessed to have such supporting and loyal clients. Esmond’s has watched families grow before our very eyes. And we love when a child comes into the store for the first pair of shoes and then returns years later for their wedding shoes. Nothing makes us happier than watching families come into the store to make new memories.

What We Do:

Esmond’s provides many services that other shoe stores have forgotten over the last 60+ years. Expertise in proper fitting is being lost. At Esmond’s, customer comfort is the number one concern. Our goal is to help customers buy a pair of shoes that fits their foot perfectly– we don’t believe in selling, just for the sake of a sale.

How We Help:

We offer a wide variety of sizes, widths and styles for all foot types. Most of our clients benefit from our in-store services including arch pads, metatarsal pads, inlays, heel-height adjustments, change of color and special orders at no extra charge. All the services offered have always been – and still are – part of the good fit that Esmond’s guarantees their customers.